Tuesday, October 10, 2006

F06 - Ios Necklace With Gray Sweater-Dress

I was making an order, which was for my "Ios" necklace tonight, when I realized that I should use it for my "first jewelry/fashion" post. As you'll notice while reading this blog, this is a place for me to post about new designs, but also for me to pair my love of jewelry design with my love of shopping and fashion. Check back often for ways to pair jewelry with the latest outfit styles!

Click here for details on the "Ios" necklace

I decided to play on the silver of the necklace by utitlizing my gray Gap sweater-dress. What I really love about "Ios" is the faceted amazonite - it's one of my favorite gemstones. The cool turquoise tone looks great with almost any color, though I kept things neutral with gray and black for this outfit:

Sweater-dress - Gap
Belt - Vince
Boots - ? (I got them from Loehmanns - some random brand)

Click here for details on the "Ios" necklace


Kate said...

I'm glad you started this blog! My favorite posts of yours on SA are always the ones where you recommend a piece of jewelry for an outfit you saw on the street, and I'm glad there will be more of that here!

Shopaholic D said...

Aww...thanks Kate! You made my day! I love doing the outfit recommendations, but it seems I've had a harder time lately finding random people to take shots of...hopefully this will fit the bill!

:) D

Ed said...

I think the dress and the knecklace are a brilliant combination. 2nd time lucky sorry

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Ed!