Friday, December 29, 2006

EDM Challenge - Draw A Present You Received

Ok, so I just joined EDM, and one of the reasons I really wanted to join was to participate in the weekly drawing challenges. I'm still a newbie to the group, so I'm not quite sure how exactly the challenge works...I don't think there are any prizes or anything, which is completely fine. The main reason I want to do the challenges is simply to challenge myself and give me reason to sketch. I haven't sketched in years. I guess it's sorta like writing out your're more likely to actually do them that way.

I used to draw all the time...from doodles in the sides of my notebooks in school to sketch book drawings for my art classes...I've taken a couple drawing classes as a kid, not to mention all the other artsy things I've done, but it's been a long time since I just sat down and sketched something. Tonight, I sat down with my SO and while he watched Superman (the original), I sketched this drawing of a cashmere Brooks Brothers sweater he gave me for Christmas. I placed the sweater on the edge of my coffee table (was considering putting it on my SO's legs, but what if he moved?! The table was more stable. Anywho, the drawing was that a word? Ok, just checked and says it is a word and I spelled it right...yes! Anywho, I'm glad that I had the time tonight to work on this...even though it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to.

I'm almost embarassed to show this. I actually think that it...basically...that is sucks. I'm not very proud of this drawing, but you gotta start somewhere, right? I suppose it's not too terrible considering how long I've been away from drawing, more delaying

Ok...I know what you're thinking...I should just stick to designing jewelry, right? Oh drawing talent from my youth...please come back soon

Please Support the Kim Family Benefit Auction

Most of you have heard the tragic story of the Kim family. An auction has been put together to raise money for the family, so please show your support on January 3rd when bidding opens - click here for details

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Obsessed With Opalite

Anyone heard of it? Opalite is actually an opalized glass that is considered by many a gemstone, isn't a "true" gemstone. Sometimes, though, you have to ignore what everyone is saying about something and go with your gut, and my gut tells me that this stone is absolutely fab! From the first time I saw the pretty pearlescent beads called "opalite," I knew I had to have some to incorporate in my jewelry designs, like these:

Midnight Melody

I hand-wire-wrapped these earrings with opalite, top-drilled marquis shaped beads, Swarovski crystal in crystal AB (love that AB finish!)

Late-Night Lullaby

I strung super faceted opalite round beads with Swarovski crystal bicones in crystal AB and sterling silver beads. This bracelet features a 1" extension chain.

Wear these beautiful beads against a solid color and these babies simply pop! It's really one of those beads you have to see in person to believe how stunning it is. Opalite has a very similar look to Opal (the real gemstone), but is not quite as opaque. Gemstone or not, I love to work with it, wear it, and now share it with you guys!

Oh, and I Do Paper Stuff Too!

It's been a couple years since I made a card for someone, but with this whole craft-reinvention, I've been checking out all kinds of mediums, including paper craft. I've done scrapbooks before, I've made cards - even pop up cards! - but I haven't ever really gotten into making cards with stamps. I actually used to make embossed cards when I was a kid, and I've even worked with water color pencils as a child, too! But, lately, I've been trying to combine all my past experiences to make new designs. For Christmas, I basically only asked for craft supplies, b/c that is what I'm craving right now, like a chocoholic craves a snickers bar. I've been to Michael's for the last 3 days straight, b/c every time I start up working on something new, it seems I've forgotten something else. Craftoholics out there can sympathize.

Here's my first card (with my new supplies, that is):

It's a bit on the simple side, but if you've ever seen my jewelry designs, then you'd know that that's just my style - simple elegance, or as I like to say "sass!" I made this card with colored card stock, a flower and "thank you" stamp, some water color pencils, and some cool-edged scissors. So much fun!

On my list of things to create still, I have: more cards, embossed cards, more scrapbook pages, book marks, and gift tags. This doesn't even include all the jewelry designs I have going on in my head or all the fab ideas I have for my fabric supplies. Phew, this is going to be a busy year!

I'm Not Just a Jewelry Designer

I'm crafty too! I like to make all kinds of artsy creations - from paper crafts to paintings to decoupaged miscellany...whatever. My latest guilty pleasure has been the DIY network, especially on the weekends or if you're lucky enough to be at home on a vacation day, the weekday/midday hours. This is when the Carol Duvall show, Creative Juice, and other cool crafty shows are aired. Normally, I like to make only my own, original ideas, but since I'm sorta regaining my true inner artist, I figure it wouldn't hurt to try out a few activities that looked interesting.

I saw this fab project on Creative Juice a couple weeks ago, and thought it would be a perfect present for a certain little girl who cannot be named right now as I haven't given it to her.

Here's another shot in the sunlight, so you can see all the pretty little rhinestones which add some bling to the design:

The slowly setting sun offered up just enough light to showcase the flowered letter's bling-a-ling. :)

As I'm completely obsessed with all things floral, this project totally caught my eye! It took a lot longer than they made it look like it did on the show, but it was well worth the effort!

Has anyone else made any crafts from DIY or HGTV?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Casual Chic - a la Cameron Diaz

Anyone else notice how Cameron Diaz likes to pair plain outfits with brightly colored shoes? Well, I did on Shopaholics Anonymous, and decided to play off the look with my outfit today

Guess jeans, Forever 21 Star tank, Gap sparkly henley, Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes
D Celestine Limited earrings

Jenny Earrings (click for details)

DCL Press Page

Well kids, now that I've started to collect press features, I figured it's about time to put a press page together. It's a work-in-progress, but I want to keep the look simple for now.

I've tried to get the best screenprint I can from the article itself, along with the logo of the featuring web site/source. I've also tried to link back to the original article, though some articles are not maintained long after they are published. Now, if I could just get a magazine to feature my designs, the page will feel more complete...or is that just me? :)

Click here to check out the press page!

DCL Jewelry on SheFinds!

Check it out!

D Celestine Limited jewelry is featured on today! One of my best sellers, the Sasha bracelet, is the featured design. Sasha features three different sterling chains for a yummy medley of size and texture that create an eye-catching "everyday beauty" bracelet, you'll want to wear all the time.

Click here to read the full article

Friday, December 15, 2006

Dream a Little - Casual Chic

The "Dream a Little" necklace is one of my's one of the few that I've actually made for myself, and I wear it all the time, probably b/c it has one of my fave colors in it - turquoise. It's a great dress up or down necklace, but I've been wearing it a lot lately with neutrals, especially cozy cardigans.

Fun outfit...I like to wear funky things here and there

Up close

Dream a Little - Asymmetrical design featuring gold-plated butterfly charm, hand-painted picasso czech glass beads, and Swarovski crystals - charming!
Click here for details on necklace

Learn more about the outfit on Shopaholics Anonymous

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pennywise Encore - Fun Neutral Wrap Dress

Ok, so the last post I did had the Pennywise earrings in it, but I figure if you're gonna invest in a snazzy piece of jewelry, you may want to see more than one outfit that complements it, right?

I was posting about one of my latest office-appropriate-wrap-dress-outfits over on Shopaholics Anonymous, when I realized that it would make a great fit here as well. I love wearing the Pennywise earrings b/c they match anything w/ brown in it...well, pretty much, but definitely enough that I wear them all the time! They're comfortable, lightweight, and super chic...why not wear them every day?

Since the only main colors in the earrings are brown and gold, these earrings will complement virtually any neutral-toned outfit...unless the base metal is silver of course, or if you don't care about wearing silver and gold at the same time. I love the earwires on this pair of earrings - the wide loop is soooo comfortable on my ears, and the vintage lucite makes them super lightweight. 14/20K Gold-Fill chain add some extra class to the look.

Click here for details on the Pennywise Earrings

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

F06 - Pennywise Earrings with Equestrian Look

I am so loving my Pennywise Earrings for fall 2006. They go with anything that has a brown/gold base tone, which is one of the more popular color palettes this season. This past Monday, I felt like wearing something stylish, but on the preppy side, so I wore my Forde Slouch boots by Via Spiga, tucked into skinny jeans by Guess, with one of my fave cashmere sweaters from Loehmann's. This is just one outfit they could go with, as I wear them about twice a week nowadays:

Click here for details on my fab Pennywise Earrings

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

F06 - Flying Free with Bohemian-esque Chic Look

This is one of my favorite designs from my fall 2006 collection. It's also part of my designer collection, Guilt-Free Gold, named for it's use of gold-plate and gold-filled components, which give you the gilded look without the price tag.

I've paired this necklace with something that looks almost like a preppy Bohemian style. I'm wearing a brown Vince tank top with a light yellow, loose-fitting knit sweater from Anthropologie, as well as simple dark wash jeans by Banana Republic. One thing I like about this necklace is how versatile it is - you could wear it with brown or black tones, and you can dress it up or down. I've decided to go a bit casual with the look tonight.

The necklace features a coral, feather pendant, hand-wire-wrapped onto 14/20K gold-fill chain with gold-fill wire wrapped along the upper section. The necklace is accented by a gold-plated leaf/feather-looking charm. The necklace features a 2-inch extension chain so you can adjust the necklace from 15 to 17 inches long. Click here for details.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

F06 - Ios Necklace With Gray Sweater-Dress

I was making an order, which was for my "Ios" necklace tonight, when I realized that I should use it for my "first jewelry/fashion" post. As you'll notice while reading this blog, this is a place for me to post about new designs, but also for me to pair my love of jewelry design with my love of shopping and fashion. Check back often for ways to pair jewelry with the latest outfit styles!

Click here for details on the "Ios" necklace

I decided to play on the silver of the necklace by utitlizing my gray Gap sweater-dress. What I really love about "Ios" is the faceted amazonite - it's one of my favorite gemstones. The cool turquoise tone looks great with almost any color, though I kept things neutral with gray and black for this outfit:

Sweater-dress - Gap
Belt - Vince
Boots - ? (I got them from Loehmanns - some random brand)

Click here for details on the "Ios" necklace

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Introduction to Sass!

I first started blogging about my jewelry designs almost a year ago. When I discovered that people didn't really want to read about my jewelry designs, I decided to convert the blog to something that would be an outlet for another dear love of mine - shopping! Thus, Shopaholics Anonymous was born. I love my SA blog, but I've been missing my jewelry design blog, so I've decided to create another blog, Designing Sass, to be an outlet for my creative ideas, whether I'm designing jewelry or some other sass craft. Now, some of you are wondering...what the heck does "sass" mean. "Sass" means chic, hip,'s something that a friend and I started saying back in college for things we liked. So, while Paris Hilton may say, "that's hot," we like to say "that's sass!"