Thursday, January 04, 2007

My Weekend Project - Shabby Chic Style

I've been looking for a printer stand for awhile...not necessarily a true printer stand, but anything furniture-wise that I could put a printer on. Right now, it's propped on some plastic drawers, but the top of one is caving under the weight of the printer, get the point.

So, as soon as I saw this dresser at the Salvation Army, I saw the potential in it to become my printer stand...with some nice paint, scrapbook paper, and decoupage.

Here's, basically, what it looked like before:

I had already taken off the knob (see below) and 3 little colored domes that are fit just above the drawer (you can kinda see where they used to be by the indentations)

Not so cute's ok, just not my thing

Same thing w/ the feet

All sanded and primed now! Ready for some pretty paint!

All painted up...still not thaaaat cute we're getting somewhere! I used some pretty, floral scrapbook paper to do a decoupaged finish to the top of the nightstand and the front of the's far from perfect, but I love it! Now, all I need is a new knob...hmm...

That's when I run into this...argh! Who knew a store could have so many!? I went with a cheap acrylic's just for me and for a $10 difference, it doesn't matter too much...I still found the look I was going for.

All done! Yay!, do I really want to stick a stinky ole' computer on top of my super cute handiwork? Decisions, decisions...any ideas?


AnastasiaC said...

oh its beautiful!!!
love the colour and your floral selection !

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks sweetie! I got a folding table this weekend im thinking of painting...don't know if I'll do the decoupage again, but I'm thinking of sewing a cool quilt-style tablecloth.

:) D

Sanna said...

What a super job you have done ! I simply love the final product. You can be very proud of yourself. I too love to make over old stuff to suite todays style and needs. I have three tabels in my garage that are waiting for a make over. Maybe I schould give it a go ?

Shopaholic D said...

Thanks Sanna! It's addictive, n'est-ce pas? Give the tables a go and let me know when you've posted the finished product!

:) D

Jennifer Ramos said...

I DO VERY similar work with my table designs, especially custom pieces for clients. This dresser is very cute and im LOVING THE BLUE, nice post!

Shopaholic D said...

nice work, jennifer!

:) D