Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pennywise Encore - Fun Neutral Wrap Dress

Ok, so the last post I did had the Pennywise earrings in it, but I figure if you're gonna invest in a snazzy piece of jewelry, you may want to see more than one outfit that complements it, right?

I was posting about one of my latest office-appropriate-wrap-dress-outfits over on Shopaholics Anonymous, when I realized that it would make a great fit here as well. I love wearing the Pennywise earrings b/c they match anything w/ brown in it...well, pretty much, but definitely enough that I wear them all the time! They're comfortable, lightweight, and super chic...why not wear them every day?

Since the only main colors in the earrings are brown and gold, these earrings will complement virtually any neutral-toned outfit...unless the base metal is silver of course, or if you don't care about wearing silver and gold at the same time. I love the earwires on this pair of earrings - the wide loop is soooo comfortable on my ears, and the vintage lucite makes them super lightweight. 14/20K Gold-Fill chain add some extra class to the look.

Click here for details on the Pennywise Earrings


Amethyst said...

Those boots are awesome! Where did you get them? I like that the heel doesn't look too-too high.

Shopaholic D said...

just one of those random "DSW-type" shoe stores...i got them almost 2 or 3 years ago, so im sure they're gone. boo... :(

have you tried nine west? they usually have reasonable heel-heights for boots. at least options...

:) D